ZinserImpact 72

Spinning economy into every yarn

Discover the Zinser 72 with E3: cut energy costs for suction by more than half; use production areas efficiently; save on staff and servicing. Convince yourself of the strengths of the Zinser 72 now and spin the most economical compact yarns ever on up to 2,016 spindles.

  • Impact FX - The Triangle of Cleanliness
  • Top compact quality thanks to self-cleaning Impact FX technology
  • E³ certified
  • Save up to 66 % energy on suction
  • Energy-efficient motor and drive technology
  • More productivity with 2,016 spindles
  • Minimise staff and servicing



E³ - Triple added value


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Save up to 66 % energy on suction

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  • TwinSuction saves up to 53 % energy
  • Save an additional 13 % energy with OptiSuction
  • Energy-efficient motor and drive technology
  • High Speed spindles for a low energy requirement


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More kg / m²: create more value in production

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  • Maximum efficiency with up to 2,016 spindles
  • Space savings of up to 21 % with super-long machines
  • Produce more with the self-cleaning Impact FX compacting technology
  • Up to 20 % more production due to a reduction in twist with Impact FX
  • High-speed spinning over the entire bobbin travel with OptiStep and precision components
  • More production thanks to Zero Underwinding


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Cut staff and servicing input

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  • Minimal staff and servicing input with the CoWeMat, the most process-reliable doffer
  • Less handling required due to self-cleaning compacting system Impact FX
  • Up to 66 % savings on personnel with CoWeFeed
  • Peace of mind even in the event of a power failure
  • Reduced operating times thanks to easy handling at EasySpin and rapid configuration via EasySpin touchscreen

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