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IRisFX – A new clearer generation with integrated superior foreign fiber and white PP detection. With its patented measuring principle: a combination of visible light and InfraRed light, IRisFX detects PP parts and foreign fibers like no other.

The new All-in-one clearer – IRisFX is setting new standards in yarn clearing: Mass + FF + PP + Lab Data are always on board.

Technical data, application

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Quality clearingMass:N, S, L, T, C, CC, SP
Mass Cluster:SFC, LFC, TFC
Foreign Fiber:FF, PP
Foreign Fiber Cluster:FFC
Quality yarn fault alarmMass:N, S, L, T, C, CC, SP, Class
Foreign Fiber:FF, PP
Quality Lab DataCoefficient of yarn variations:CV
Printable reportsSettings, cuts, classifications
Graphical representationNumerical and scatter plot classificationMass cuts, FF, PP
Numerical view and bar graph:Clearing, yarn fault alarm, Lab Data
Compare view of all yarn events spindle and groupwise
Range of applicationsYarn count range:Ne 3,6-Ne 120 (Nm 5-Nm 200)
Material:100 % Cotton, others on request
Winding speed:up to 2,400 m/min
IRisFX clearerSuitable for all new winding machines and as retrofit

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