Smarter splicing

Innovation for quality

With the new SmartSplicer family the Autoconer sets the benchmark for easiest handling and impressive quality in every application. 

The system guarantees spliced joints that are identical with the yarn, maximum strength, outstanding dyeing results and full added value in downstream processing.

Depending on the application, customers can choose between the SmartSplicer, SmartSplicer Injection, SmartSplicer Thermo or SmartSplicer Elasto. The splicers are supplied ready for operation and now as standard with ceramic shears.

Advantages of the Schlafhorst splicing system:

  • Great flexibility within the range of applications
  • Spliced joints, indistinguishable from the parent yarn, with high strength and an excellent visual appearance
  • Reproducibility of splicing results via centrally controlled setting of the splicing parameters
  • High level of process stability
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Continuous further development and adaptation of the splicing technology to new yarn structures

Universal Schlafhorst splice technology

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Splicer typeCharacteristicApplication
SmartSplicerPneumatic splicing process, standard design with flexible distance between shears Standard and Compact yarns
SmartSplicer InjectionPneumatic splicing process, splicing air enriched with minimum dosable water volumeYarns and plied yarns made of natural vegetable fibres
SmartSplicer ThermoPneumatic splicing process, heated splicing air for better fibre fixingWool yarns and their blends
SmartSplicer ElastoPneumatic splicing process, with adapted splicing cycle and splicer designElastic Core yarns

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