ITMA 2019: Saurer powers customers’ creation through its innovative solutions


Saurer’s draw frame Autodraw features a compact design and, like all our machines, customers can link it to the online mill management application Senses.

Our motto for ITMA 2019 highlights our purpose – since Saurer's inception, our innovations have been the driving force behind our customers’ creations – from yarns to garments, tires and artificial turf. For Saurer, this year’s exhibition marks the beginning of a new era. Over the past years, we have committed ourselves to gaining insight into our market and truly focusing on our customers’ needs. Based on our clients’ feedback, we have increased our product offering, marking further strides towards our goal of becoming a comprehensive solution provider. In response to customer requests, we now offer all staple fibre spinning solutions. Saurer's overarching mill management system ties our offerings together: it allows all our customers to gain a detailed overview of their operations and makes optimisation easier.


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