BD 7

Powered by Autocoro technologies.

The new BD 7 with E3 added value - in a class of its own. Superb economic efficiency with premium technologies from the Autocoro will guide your spinning mill unerringly to the top of the market. Discover the latest generation of the BD 7: even more energy and labour-efficient – and highly productive.

  • Minimise energy costs with the latest generation of energy-efficient motors
  • High-speed spinning at up to 230 m/min for all raw materials, even when processing regenerated fibres
  • Autocoro package quality with excellent unwinding properties in downstream processing
  • Patented digital technology DigiPiecing for top efficiency ratings when piecing
  • More production per m2 with customisable machine lengths
  • Increase flexibility with MultiLot, PilotGroup and Fancynation
  • Time and labour-saving machine operation, Informator with intuitive Styleguide user interface
  • Digital yarn quality assurance with Corolab Q2 and Corolab F2

    E³ - Triple added value


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    Up to 10 % less energy

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    The drives on the BD 7 convert energy into power especially efficiently. The latest generation of high-quality, economical motors attain higher efficiency and are permanently energy-saving. The improved design of the air-guiding elements optimises the air flow and prevents valuable energy from being squandered. The new Energy Monitoring facility keeps track of the energy consumed online, per lot or per kilogram of yarn.

    • Energy-saving drives
    • Higher efficiency level
    • Better machine aerodynamics
    • Online Energy Monitoring




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    Increase productivity

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    Productivity turbo

    Digital piecing technologies from the Autocoro guarantee performance on the BD 7 so that it excels with the top performance in its class. Produce quality packages with top precision and open up new sales markets with the BD 7.

    PilotGroup unlocks a level of flexibility that only the BD 7 offers you. Carry out spinning trials in parallel with regular production, without any loss of production. Your high productivity levels are thus always assured.

    • Long machines
    • Take-up speeds of up to 230 m/min, also for machines with 600 spinning positions
    • Optimised NSB 6 spinbox for all can sizes, all raw materials, even for regenerated fibres and spinning wastes




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    Optimised labour utilisation

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    Ergonomic operation relieves operator workload

    Your staff can see the operational status of every single spinning position at a glance. This saves on inspection rounds. The cockpit shows all information at a glance, thanks to the intuitive touchscreen design. Its low operating height means that the BD 7 is even easier to operate. Spinning components can be exchanged quickly and without the need for tools.

    • 3-colour LED signal system at each spinning unit
    • Time-saving operator prompts e.g. replaceable screens
    • Low operating and removal height
    • Prepared for automatic removal of the packages



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