Autocoro 9

Leading technology - the next generation

The E3-certified Autocoro 9 demonstrates the technical superiority of its innovative drive technology with impressive new features. With even more intelligence in each individual spinning position, the Autocoro 9 sets new standards for energy-saving yarn manufacturing, productivity, economic efficiency, ease of operation and quality.

  • E³ certified
  • Up to 25 % lower energy costs
  • Cost transparency through energy monitoring
  • Rotor speeds of up to 180,000 rpm in practice
  • Take-off speeds of up to 300 m/min on all lengths of machine and also for very large packages up to 350 mm in diameter
  • Perfectly automated with up to 6 DCU Doffing Cleaning Units and SynchroPiecing 24
  • DigiWinding FX for more added value



E³ - Triple added value


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Up to 25 % less energy

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Energy efficiency

Schlafhorst has systematically enhanced the revolutionary individual spinning position technology and made the Autocoro 9 even more economical – even at maximum rotor speed. Its innovative E-Drive has become even smarter thanks to improved process and control technologies. The new Energy Monitoring facility keeps track of the energy consumed online, per lot or per kilogram of yarn.

  • Economical even at high speeds
  • More intelligent E-Drive saves energy
  • Energy Monitoring




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Up to 30 % more productivity

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Maximum economy at all times

  • High-performance automation with intelligently automated spinning positions
  • Run-up up to twelve times faster with SynchroPiecing 24
  • Up to 6 DCUs
  • 180,000 rpm achieved in practice, with all machine lengths and with super-sized packages
  • More yarn per m² compared with rival machines thanks to the shorter length
  • Seamless lot changes
  • Practical MultiLot technology
  • Fancynation with effects that are twice as strong – even possible by section


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Up to 60 % less maintenance costs

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Reduced costs, more profits

Intelligent individual spinning positions enable servicing to be carried out while the machine is in operation. There is no need for gangs of cleaning personnel, nor for the complete machine shutdowns that are necessary for competitor machines. The intelligent spinning positions communicate individually via a smart symbol display with the operating staff, who can intervene immediately at the relevant location. The bigger jumbo tube magazine extends the intervals between refills by 30 %. The DCUs with their new, automatic opening and closing mechanisms also reduce handling times.

    • Efficient lean maintenance
    • Smart symbol display
    • Less handling

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