Historical Milestones

We would like to invite you on a journey through the history of Schlafhorst. Find the key milestones from the beginnings of our company up to the present day.

2018 Autoconer X6: Flow into the future
2018 Market launch of the new machine generation Zinser 72XL
2016 Autoconer 6: The best original ever
2015 Market launch of the new machine generations ZinserRing 72 und ZinserSpeed 5A
2015 Autocoro 9: The next generation of rotor spinning technology
2014 Market launch of new BD 6
2013 The new Saurer Group is re-established
2012 Market launch of new machine generations ZinserRing 71 and ZinserImpact 71
2011 Market launch of new BD 448
2011 Autocoro 8: Quantum leap in rotor spinning
2009 Introduction of the new Autoconer X5 machines
2009 The longest ring spinning machine in the world: Zinser 351 with 1680 spindles
2009 Market launch of BD 416
2007 Introduction of the new yarn quality monitoring system Corolab XF
2007 Introduction of the new Autocoro S 360 machines
2007 Introduction of the new Autocoro 480 machines
2007 Introduction of the groundbreaking, drumless yarn displacement system PreciFX
2007 Introduction of the new Autoconer 5 machines
2007 Schlafhorst becomes a member of the technology group OC Oerlikon
2001 ITMA ASIA in Singapore - ring spinning machine Zinser 351
2001 First Autocoro with Coromat
1999 Launch of Belcoro brand
1999 ITMA in Paris - Zinser presents compact spinning
1997 Autoconer 338 - sensor-controlled winding process
1995 ITMA in Milan - ring spinning machine generation 350/450
1991 Takeover of Schlafhorst by the Saurer Group
1983 Schlafhorst AG & Co. becomes majority shareholder of Zinser Textilmaschinen GmbH
1978 Development and market launch of splicing technology
1978 The first Autocoro - the world's first fully automatic rotor spinning machine
1969 The first BD machine in the world
1967 ITMA in Basel - first ring spinning machine with Zinser CoWeMat
1962 Autoconer 107, the first automatic package winding machine from Schlafhorst
1955 ITMA in Brussels - complete ring spinning line with card, draw frame, roving frame and ring spinning machine
Since 1914 Eugen Zinser registers the first Zinser spindle with the Kaiserliche Patentamt (Imperial Patent Office)
Since 1900 Patents for a pirn winding machine and a cone winding machine
1884 Company foundation of W. Schlafhorst

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