Future-proof winding technology has a name: Autoconer

Benchmark for efficiency during the winding process

Welcome to Schlafhorst, the leading name in efficient package winding. We have been creating the best automatic winding machines for over half a century. The delivery of more than 2.5 million winding units sends a clear message: the Autoconer offers you the ultimate combination of innovations in winding technology and engineering with a proven track record over many years – your guarantee of success.

  • E³ - Triple added value
  • Energy efficiency
  • Maximum productive capacity
  • Smart production, process efficiency
  • Leading automation solution: individual spinning mill automation, excellent package handling
  • Added value in downstream processing: Schlafhorst quality package, first-class splice quality
  • Spinning and winding competence from the roving frame to the quality package with Schlafhorst and Zinser