Autoconer X6

Flow into the future

Autoconer X6: Benefit from the quantum leap in automation.

Discover almost limitless productivity with the Autoconer X6. Up to 96 winding units per machine. Maximum resource utilisation. Unmatched package quality. Intelligent reduction in personnel workload.

With the material flow system Bobbin Cloud, based on most modern RFID technology the Autoconer X6 guarantees highest process reliability due to clever, software controlled material management.

With its quantum leap in process automation, the Autoconer X6 is now the most modern winding ma-chine available on the market.

E³ - Triple added value


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Up to 20 % less energy

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Up to 6 % more productivity

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Economical from the outset

  • Highest efficiency in the winding process with LaunchControl, SmartCycle, SmartJet
  • Best productivity / m² with extra-long machines
  • Most flexible and intelligent material flow with security for highest productivity


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Simple, safe handling

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